What my students have said.

"I have had private lessons with Ana since 2019 (both in person and online) and cannot recommend her highly enough.

She is extremely professional, her lessons are carefully planned and well-prepared, with excellent support materials provided. She is sensitive to students’ needs and abilities and able to tailor the pace accordingly.

But, most importantly, she is a lovely, warm person who makes learning a pleasure and shares her love of languages and her knowledge of the culture of Mexico and the Spanish-speaking world.

Just a wonderful, brilliant teacher!"

Jenny Rimbault. Private student. July 2022.

"A fabulous host, empathetic and understands exactly our learning pains so does her utmost to make it as easy and as painless as possible. All of this is done with patience and a beatific smile. The consummate professional!!!!!! "

December 20th, 2021 Victor Duolingo Event

"My Spanish learning journey with Ana Martha started in the spring of 2021 via Zoom through a locally based language school. Ana Martha’s classes are always well-organised and excellently prepared, whilst her infectious enthusiasm makes learning such fun it almost happens without realising. Any grammar topics are clearly explained and reinforced, and Ana always manages to find an interesting resource or method to help us understand and practise. Conversation groups are always fun too and I cannot choose which I prefer –the more formal classes or simply chatting in groups with Ana's support. I love learning with Ana Martha and her lessons have proved so enjoyable and informative that over the last fourteen months or so, I have enrolled for additional Duolingo activities online, attended group classes with her and arranged additional private two-to-one sessions in smaller groups with other pupils. If you are hoping to learn or practise Spanish please join Ana Martha one day, I am sure it is a decision you will not regret".

Jenny Malloy. Poole. Private group and Duolingo student 2022

"Anna makes lessons go by swiftly with a good blend of chat and exercises – excellent teacher".

Kieran Eyles. Private student 2022.

"Anyone aspiring to be a language teacher would do well to attend one of Ana's classes to see how it should be done".

Mark Stewart. Duolingo Event November 16th, 2021

"Ana's lively enthusiasm and dedication are so inspiring and I enjoy her classes immensely".

Deborah Aita. Private student 2022.

"I started learning Spanish two years ago with Ana . Ana is an incredibe teacher who is passionate and always goes the extra mile with

encouragement and passion .

My Spanish has improved so much , I struggle with pronunciation and Ana helps me break down the words and find a way to improve this skill.

I really enjoy our lessons which are fun , relaxed and look forward to learning much more Spanish.

Thank you Ana , you are such a fantastic find and we are very lucky to have you."

Lisa Mc Allister. Private student 2022.

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